Photo Booth Rental FAQs


Q.How far in advance should we book?

A.The sooner the better. The chance of one of our booths being available is better the earlier you book.

Q.What are the requirements at the venue?

A.We are setup at almost any venue. We require adequate space for the photobooth (2.5 m in length / 1 m wide / 2 m height) we need an electronic connection and preferable a level floor. Everything else we take care of.

Q.Why should we hire the service from

A.You could always try and do something like we do on your own, but with our years of experience and our overall service that comes in every package, you shouldn’t think twice. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We try to be a little different from our competition and we know our services is of the highest quality.

Q.How much time before the event is needed to build the photobooth?

A.We need roughly an hour before the beginning of the event to setup to ensure everything will be ready before your guests arrive. We need 30-60 minutes to pack the booth up.

Q.Do we need someone to operate the photobooth?

A.The only operation your guest will need to do is just touching the screen to begin the photobooth, the rest is all automated. One of our service staff is always in attendance with every rental for any questions and to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Q.What happens if there is a technical problem with the photobooth?

A.Our photobooths have undergone extensive testing to make sure that there are no technical issues. In the unlikely event that there is a technical issue, one of your employees is always in attendance to take care of any issues like this if they would arise (time would be added to the rental in the unlikely event this would happen).

Q.Do my guests have to pay to use the photobooth?

A.No, the rental costs covers everything. You guest do not need to pay a cent.

Q.How long does it take for the photo strips to print?

A.The strips take roughly 10-20 seconds to print after leaving the booth. If you have a package with a photo album, one strip is for the guest and the other is for the photo album. For a surcharge you can always choose double prints! This ideal with the Deluxe Package.

Q.How many photos can my guests make and print during the rental?

A. As many as the want. There is no limit within the rental period and everyone can go into the booth as much as they want.

Q.Can I get copies of the photos taken at the event?

A. Absolutely! Once the event is over we give you a USB with a digital copy of all of the photostrips shot inside the booth. In addition with our deluxe package we offer an online photo gallery where you and your guests can download each and every photostrip for free and also the USB includes all of the individual JPEGs of each photo in each strip as well. 

Q.Can we switch between colour or black and white photos?

A.YES! Before the start of the photobooth you can choose between colour or black and white printed photos. All of the digital copies are saved in colour.

Q.Is it possible to have double printed photo strips?

A.Yes, for the traditional “strip“, double prints are included in all of our packages. If you choose a different print format then only one strip is included. We can also print duplicates as well, for a small surcharge. This is for example perfect with the Deluxe Package, since one strip will end up in your own guestbook.

Q.How exactly does the photo album look?

A.We have a few different varieties. All of them are elegant, lined with rice paper to ensure picture quality lasts for a long time. This photo album is great to have a unique memory with a copy of all of the photo strips landing inside. Is our standard album not what you are looking for? For a surcharge we offer different other albums, including leather photoalbums!

Q.Is it possible to have a logo, or message printed on each photo strip?

A.We can absolutely print a logo/message on the bottom of the photo strip. If you need one designed please let us know in advance and we will help design one for you.

Q.Can my guests use props or costumes?

A.To increase the fun factor, we include our “FunBox” in each package. This includes props, wigs and all kids of accessories for decorating yourself and the pictures. The funniest photos guaranteed.

Q.How can I pay for the photobooth rental?

A.You can either wire transfer to our account or you can pay with plain old cash on the day of your event.

Q.We would like to hire the photobooth from you. What is the next step? 

A.Give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you. The sooner you book the better the possibility we have one of our booths available on your date. We do charge a non-refundable (within 90 days cancellation) 100 euros deposit to ensure your date is reserved.