WHY EventBooth.NL?

So you have decided that you want to have a photobooth at your event, party or wedding. GOOD FOR YOU!! Now you have to decide which company to go with and what is the best choice out there.

Like other growing trends in the industry, disposable cameras have become a staple for weddings over the past few years. It was a great idea, especially for the Bride and Groom; always so busy not being able to be around everyone throughout the course of your busy evening. You look back on the pictures and see what you missed out on and they add to the great memory of your unforgettable day.

Pictures are memories that will last a lifetime!

With most pictures that are taken at weddings or events, most pictures are unprompted. A simple, "smile for the camera" and a pose is struck and the photo is taken. There is not a lot of spontaneity in the photos that are captured.








This emerging industry, which is already well established in the USA, Canada and Australia, gives people something to talk about for years after your wedding, birthday or corporate event. The idea of being in a private environment (The Booth), and the timer countdown makes people more spontaneous with the photo's they take. This is a great activity for the guests at your event and the pictures are a long lasting memory for you from your event. With the "Fun-Box" in tow the guests get to dress up and spontaneously change their outfit and poses for their next shot, however they have to do it fast, the timer counts down quite quickly which makes for hilarious and fun photos. It will have the guests running back to the booth for second, third and fourth round.


So WHY EventBooth??

EventBooth's photobooth is made from the highest quality industrial strength material, designed with a beautiful exterior which is pleasing on the eye and is strong and durable, however being completely transportable so it can be setup at any event virtually anywhere. We use the latest possible technology and new innovations. We did not purchase pre-fabricated photobooths, we actually designed the booths ourselves. 

The high end digital SLR, 14mp that we use is makes for clear, beautiful high end photos. The lab quality photo printer that we use prints the photo strips out instantaneously, dry and ready to put in your pocket. The touchscreen monitor we use to activate the photobooth and preview your previous photo is bar none the best out there. The four photo's that are taken within a period of 1 minute will have you wanting to lineup and run back in the booth again with more glorious ideas for fantastic poses.

Unlike our competitors, we have an ACTUAL PHOTOBOOTH! Many of our competitors claim they offer a "photobooth" however they merely set up a camera on a tripod, have a seat for guest, make a background on a wall and guests are back to the original "strike a pose" position. Whether they use a remote for the guests to take the pictures themselves, the photos are the same as they would be if there a photographer taking the picture or having disposable cameras in use.

EventBooth is the easy choice for your photobooth services! We have a great deal of experience and are leading the industry in innovation and class. We have the only true photobooth around. If you want to find out more about why you should be working with us, drop us a line, our staff are eagerly awaiting to help you out with your event to make it an unforgettable one!