The Anything but Standard PhotoBooth Rental
Package includes:

Setup and Removal
Unlimited double printed photo-strips for the length of the rental!
4-Hours use of the Photobooth
A customized Logo shown on every photo-strip
A happy and fun PhotoBooth attendant
Digital copies of all the photo-strips handed over on a USB Stick at the end of the night
Our one of a Kind, Fun Box. Filled with lots of fun wigs, glasses hats and much more.




The Celebration PhotoBooth
package includes everything in the Standard package and the following things:

An Online Photogallery (online within 3 days after the event), password protected of course and online for one year. Your guests can share, download and print out all of their favorite pictures from your event!

An external monitor, fixed to the outside of the photobooth, which plays all the pictures taken in the photobooth as a slideshow on the outside. This is a great addition in order to give your guests a taste of what is going on inside the booth

High-Quality digital copies of all the single pictures taken in the photobooth. This is also handed over on the evening of the event on a USB Stick!


The Deluxe "all inclusive" Photobooth
package includes everything in the Standard and Celebration packages and the following things:

The GuesutBook! A wedding album from our stock. These albums are a fantastic way to keep all of your memories safe and in one place so that you can look at them again and again. Our albums are chemical free and have rice paper between each page which ensures that your pictures will not get ruined. Our attendant also makes certain that all of the pictures land in the Wedding album. In other words, we take care of everything and even provide the pens and double sided tape in order to fill the album up. 




We have a PhotoBooth package for every type of EVENT!

 EventBooth offers a photobooth package to fit any type of event. Below you will find the details of each package pertaining to our photobooth rentals. Most of our customers rent our booth for a period of four hours (included in our packages), however if you wanted to rent the booth for a longer period of time then we can gladly arrange anything to suit your needs. If you need anything customized for your event, please contact us and we would happily discuss any details you need for your event.

Every photo booth rental package includes:

Every Photobooth package comes with included setup and removal. Normally our Photobooth specialist sets up the booth about an hour before the scheduled start time. Then after the USB is handed over, the Booth is broken down and removed. Our one of a kind PhotoBooth can go anywhere. It breaks down into easily movable pieces and setup and removal is quiet. Naturally, for a small extra cost, the PhotoBooth can be setup eariler.

Be it black & white or colour, our PhotoBooth ensures every 4-pose photostrip is printed instantly. The combination of a high quality Digital SLR Camera and studio lab quality printer ensure you receive the sharpest photostrips in the industry.

For our conventional style photostrips we include identical double prints in all of our packages. This means you get twice as many memories of your event. This is ideal to combine with our photo album, perfect for weddings or birthday parties, where the guests gets to keep a copy and the other copy goes into the photo album so your guests can write a nice message. For printing in other formats, double prints are at an additional cost. 

Every photostrip is printed with the details of your event or wedding. Whether it's your event information, special message, or perhaps a logo for your event (from your design or EventBooth can help design it) creating a personal touch. Those details or logo is placed at the bottom of the photostrip ensuring each photo has this memorable feature.

In our standard package you will receive a digital copy of every photostrip taken at your event. Our customized USB stick includes all of the photostrips taken at the event so you can share and save all of the fun experiences you made in our booth. In our other packages we also include high-resolution JPEG's of each individual photo taken at the event.


Additional photo booth rental features:

We provide a professional and elegant black & white photo album with ricepaper-patterned interleaving. Perfect with the double-print photostrip feature as your guests can keep one photostrip and stick the other in the album. We also provide you with double-sided adhesive photo tabs and high-quality pens for your guests to write comments. Many clients use this as their wedding or birthday party guest book. It's a fun take on the traditional guest book. Our PhotoBooth specialist not only manages the PhotoBooth but is also responsible for making sure that all of your memories land in your Guest Book. That means no stress for you


Even after the event is finished, you and your guests can log into photo gallery that is created especially for your event. It is password protected so only you and your guests can view all of the images. The images can be downloaded / shared for free and has no time limit.


We also have an external monitor where all of the photos taken can be viewed running on a slideshow. This always creates a great atmosphere around the photobooth for a little extra fun. (We also have the option to have the slideshow run on a projector and projection screen).


With an available option for video recording, capture a heartwarming or charismatic speech from friends and family, customers or clients, something you can cherish for years. A copy of a DVD will be provided professionally edited for your viewing pleasure.