Corporate Events

 Are you having a corporate event, a booth at a convention or maybe launching a new product? If you are, EventBooth can help create some buzz at your events.


For our corporate clients we are happy help in any way to make your event a success.

Our photobooth is perfect for branding you or your customer’s image, on the outside of the booth, in the background of the photos or directly onto the photo strips. Perhaps you are having a themed event? We can tailor our booth to meet you or your client’s needs.

We have worked with numerous large firms with large events from product launches, firm Christmas parties, customer appreciation evenings, sales conventions and many other types of events.

If you are having a new product launched you could potentially want some feedback about the product itself. Our video capture option would be great to get some testimonials from potential customers.

We have the capability to integrate our software into social media platforms such as twitter or facebook to help boost you or your client’s exposure.

With our experience and with your faith in doing something different, EventBooth can help you bring your events to the next level.